Clinically Proven

Many cosmetic companies conduct clinical tests that are little more than in-house, marketing campaigns. At Adonia Organics™, we use only the most scientifically respected independent labs to vigorously test our products for safety and efficacy, ensuring the highest standards for our products and our consumers.

Published in August 2009, independent clinical trials were conducted by one of the top independent labs utilized by the cosmetic industry, AMA Laboratories. Adonia Organics StemuLift™ Serum was tested on women from the ages of 26 to 57. The most sophisticated dermal evaluation devices evaluated the changes in the body and Clinical Photo Image Technology measured and documented the exact change in appearance. They found: (View clinical study overview.)

"A 43% Reduction in the appearance of deep wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin in just 9 days! After 8 weeks there was an average 69% reduction."

43% Reduction69% Reduction

In addition, Adonia Organics has submitted Adonia StemuLift™ Serum to independent safety and regulatory testing within the beauty and medical industries in the USA and Europe. Adonia StemuLift™ Serum passed with flying colors.

  • PASSED Safety/regulatory status in the USA and the European Union
  • PASSED Consumer Skin Sensitization Patch Study
  • PASSED Skin Irritation Study

What would it be like to look in the mirror and see softer, smoother skin on your face and neck that radiates the healthy glow of youth?

Look 10 years younger by using Adonia StemuLift Serum.

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In Strict Clinical Trials
"When used in accordance with intended package directions, the product in 9 days, significantly reduced the appearance of deep wrinkles and saggy skin by an average of 43% on a full-face evaluation. After 8 weeks there was an average 69% reduction."

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